Protect and Maximize Your AWS Investments

FortiCNP, Fortinet’s cloud-native protection solution, simplifies risk management for your AWS workloads and accelerates the ROI of your AWS security services by analyzing risk outcomes to produce actionable insights. Unlike traditional CSPM and CWPP products that require agents, FortiCNP delivers zero-permission security coverage to efficiently and effectively secure cloud workloads.

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Eliminate Alert Fatigue and Increase Your Security Posture

Faced with too many alerts and no way to see the field through the trees? With FortiCNP’s Resource Risk Insights™ technology, your team can proactively manage risk to secure your AWS workloads with these benefits:

Save Time and Resources

Stop alert fatigue by prioritizing critical risks to focus on what matters most.

Actionable Insights

Integrations with AWS provide the broader context to produce insights.

Streamlined Operations

Proactively manage risk and track risk posture over time.

Easily Track Risk Management Over Time

“FortiCNP gives us comprehensive cloud visibility with an intuitive dashboard that allows us to easily track risk management over time. Most importantly, it enables our team to focus on securing high priority resources instead of spending time working through long lists of security findings. Integrations with the products we already have allow us to get even more value out of our deployment and enables broader visibility and easier, more proactive cloud security management.”

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- Caio Hyppolito, CTO at BK Bank.

Deep Integrations Offer You Powerful Insights

FortiCNP natively integrates with AWS security services, such as Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, and AWS Security Hub, to provide broader context across your AWS workloads. For Fortinet customers, our cloud security products can further enhance your FortiCNP insights, enabling stop-gap remediations to block high impact threats.

Resources to Get You Started

Discover challenges that can impede risk management, and how you can develop a solid program.

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Copyright © 2022 Fortinet, Inc
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